50 Words of Affirmation to Be Happy and Successful in Your Twenties

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When you vocalize a feeling, two possibilities can be insinuated from this: you’re being in control over that feeling or you’re giving it the power to control you. When you’re in a dilemma between quitting your job or ending a relationship in your mind, it doesn’t cause as much damage as when you admit it verbally to your employer or your partner. The moment you say something taken directly from your thoughts, you are manifesting the outcome or consequence of such thought. Therefore, it’s fundamental to be extremely careful of what we preach to ourselves and other people.

In your twenties, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed every once in a while as you juggle different roles in life. Throughout the day, you’re dealing with various responsibilities and so you’re constantly confused about what you must do first or which role you need to be in that particular hour. In cases like these, you need an energy booster, not only for the body but also for the mind and spirit to help you get through the day.





Affirmations, which are often misconstrued to mantras, are positive statements used as strategies for self-help and motivation. People use this for different reasons but often, affirmations serve as tools to encourage self-confidence and promote identity. People say these words loudly and confidently, preaching to themselves. Underlying these powerful declarations hold profound wisdom that has the ability to strengthen your belief in your abilities and turn it into tangible improvement if practiced truthfully and consistently.





  1. Lead you to a clearer vision and direction
  2. Shift your focus from negativity to affirmative and effective courses of action
  3. Reinforce positive beliefs and attitudes

  4. Boost self-esteem and confidence

  5. Relieve anxiety and overthinking
  6. Aid you in finding healing
  7. Establish a growth mindset
  8. Encourage you to find a stronger sense of self-worth and being
  9. Help you become accountable with your thoughts, words, and actions
  10. Cultivate a culture of genuine optimism
  11. Refrain from self-sabotage and doubt
  12. Remember your worth and purpose in life
  13. Develop your source of motivation
  14. Challenge your inner critics and harmful thinking patterns
  15. Strengthen the connection to self-identity



A common misconception about affirmations is they guarantee healing and peace of mind from confusion. Also, some people think practicing affirmations can turn you into a completely different person suddenly. Although they can help lead you to focus on the right direction of self-awareness, these statements do not magically take your pain away nor make you confident instantly. They simply do not work that way.

Affirmations are not designed to give you immediate effect on your mindset, esteem, and behavior. The optimum positive impact that affirmations give you will depend on many factors: status on self-awareness, consistency, strength to reject temptation, and most of all, time.





When you master the art of preaching affirmations and perform it regularly, you gradually understand yourself on a deeper level. You delve more into the nooks and crannies of your inner being and start asking questions that you usually avoid. These affirmations will grasp your mind to recognize the hidden parts of yourself that are not so pretty (and are often the fuels of your self-doubt and the sources of limiting beliefs). Furthermore, you will be more connected with your self-identity because you are now more aware of your strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, fears, and trigger points.

Once you get a hold of these negative attributes that get in the way of your decision-making process, you can nitpick which values need to be challenged first. You can construct counter-narratives against the philosophies that are engraved in your mind and are harder to change. Additionally, you can create newer and more efficient thinking techniques on how to address problems.

As a result, you will start noticing long-lasting changes in your self-esteem because you finally confronted your inner demons, and not simply conceal them with facades that make you look perfect to others. Then, your intelligence and truthfulness to identity will radiate from within, and it won’t easily be destroyed as before because your confidence is not attached to earthly possessions nor the validation of other people, but from who you are as a person.





To make the most out of affirmations, you need to ground your affirmations from your core values and strengths. You need to affirm yourself of the values that you either have or aspire to have. The technique here is to send a message to your brain that you have already accomplished that kind of mentality or value.

This has everything to do with visualization. When you say affirmations, you are creating a mental version of yourself that you’re aspiring to become right now. You’re picturing him/her doing the work you love and living a good life. Your affirmations are reflecting your dreams and aspirations, so it holds a strong sense of affinity to your identity which makes it powerful and important. 





There is no proven time or frequency that directly results in the effectiveness of affirmations, however, it is a start to practice them regularly or as a part of your daily routine. As said earlier, it
 is a matter of repetition and authenticity. Ideally, it takes you fully believing in the words that you’re preaching to yourself consistently.

When setting personal goals, affirmations play a pivotal role in visualizing the likelihood of a positive outcome. Your affirmations can help you keep motivated to fulfilling your tasks to match the vision in your head. Likewise, when you’re in a current state of disappointment, saying affirmations help you think about the goodness of the situation rather than focusing on everything wrong with the situation. It transforms your mind from dwelling on your failures to recognizing that you can alleviate the situation by focusing on your strengths.

You can practice saying affirmations as often as you like daily. Moreover, you can be creative in telling or exposing yourself to these tailored affirmations, whether verbally or in writing. You can:


  1. Jot it down on a journal or a planner (which you will open and read daily).
  2. Write it down on a small card and put it inside your wallet or phone case.
  3. Include it on your bio on your social media account.

  4. Type it on your notepad on your phone.
  5. Make a colored poster about your favorite affirmation and put it on your refrigerator.




1. “I have a beautiful pair of eyes.”

2. “I have flawless skin. My pimples and scars are what make it so.”

3. “My beauty complements the beauty of the world around me.”

4. “I am full of admirable qualities even when nobody sees them.”

5. “I am creative and keen.”  




6. “I am gentle and soft-spoken.”

7. “I am aware of the impact of my words, so I decide which to deliver and which to withhold.”

8. “I am patient and understanding to people’s temper.”

9. “I am a peacemaker.”

10. “I am slow to anger.” 





11. “I am blessed to be employed.”

12. “I got where I am today because of hard work, grit, and skill. I deserve to be here.”

13. “I will not fear constructive criticism.”

14. “My performance and commitment to my job are an asset to this company.”

15. “I am making a difference by showing up every day.”





16. “I accept the good and bad sides of my family members.”

17. “I spend more valuable time and energy with my family and loved ones.”

18. “I do not prolong my anger and pride for it will only damage the relationship with my family.”

19. “I must always show respect and consider the feelings of my parents, siblings, and relatives.”

20. “I am grateful and contented for the love my family gives me.”




21. “I am a fast learner and smart.”

22. “I can do my school requirements diligently and efficiently.”

23. “I will not take my education for granted.”

24. “I am flexible with my time and effort.”

25. “I will attract and grab wonderful opportunities.”





26. “I am accountable for my decisions.”

27. “I am disciplined to let go of my temptations.”

28. “I liberate myself from doubt and negativity.”

29. “I do not let my anger blind me from showing kindness.”

30. I am worthy to be appreciated and cared for despite my shortcomings.”





31. “I forgive others for their mistakes, just as how Jesus forgives mine.”

32. “The judgment of others does not reflect my potential and purpose.”

33. “I see the best in others even when they constantly prove me wrong.”

34. “The people in my life are here for a reason. I will not dismiss them.”

35. “I am blessed with happiness and magic around me.”





36. “I am resilient to any downfall.”


37. “I have faith that it will all work out soon.”


38. “This pain is temporary. It is trying to teach me something.”


39. “My power is manifested in the struggle.”


40. “I do not fear failure because I know it is good for me.”






41. “I have ideas that can get me places.”


42. “I am grounded in the present.”


43. “The future does not scare me because I know it has something in store for me.”


44. “I won’t allow people to hurt me.”


45. “I am a master of my emotions.” 






46. “I will make my dreams a reality.”

47. “I will not stop until I transform myself.”

48. “I am gifted with talent and skill, so I must believe in my capabilities.”

49. “I am in the precipice of being the best version of myself.”

50. “Every step I make is a step closer to the progress of becoming the man/woman I am proud of.”




Yes, affirmations work, but not in the way that most people think. The technique to bring tangible change to your actions is to keep saying affirmations until you internalize them innately. You need to act as if you’ve already succeeded as if your goal is already accomplished as if you’re already the person you aspire to be. An affirmation fortifies your self-confidence by convincing you of what you can do.





Stating affirmations is like the filtering of the words and philosophies you’ve picked up along the way — which to keep in mind and which to throw away. To be more disciplined with our actions, we need to be reminded of our reasons. The effectiveness of the affirmations varies from one person to another and it depends on how you use them. To make them have a bigger impact on your mindset and behavior, you need to pair them with the right habits that help you develop your attitude. 




You need to practice preaching affirmations daily. The more frequently you say them, the more your brain will process them and soon it will become natural. These affirmations are like vitamins and supplements you take in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to sleep; both are nourishments for the mind and soul. These powerful words of affirmations give you the peace of mind you need after wrestling against the world the whole day. 




Your mind will believe what you constantly tell it. If you fill it with good words, you’re likely to express a positive attitude. If you’re used to talking badly about yourself, then you might need some time to believe what you’re telling yourself. Affirmations do not only help you to get in a better mood but also put your mind to concentrate on the present which encourages your brain to take the appropriate courses of action.



“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart 

Published by Monique Renegado

Monique started Life Begins At Twenty as a 20-year-old college student from the Philippines. In her lifestyle and wellness blog, she shares first-hand experiences and soulful advice about student life, relationships, mental health, adulting, and self-growth. Monique is passionate about literature, music, public speaking, and family. Besides studying and blogging full-time, she strives hard to become a published author with her first YA fiction novel and poems. Monique is the older sister you wish you had to help you navigate your twenties successfully. If you want a constant drive for motivation and pep talks, be a part of her journey.

24 thoughts on “50 Words of Affirmation to Be Happy and Successful in Your Twenties

  1. I loved reading this! I was to begin someone that didn't believe in the power of affirmations i must admit and as you said, they're not going to change you drastically the day after, but I must admit that since starting I have an overall more gentle way to speak to myself and relate with others. It's still an ongoing journey, but glad I started it! Thanks you for sharing x


  2. It's nice to see some refreshing honesty on what affirmations can actually do, rather than just following the usual line of how affirmations will somehow magically fix you


  3. I've not really got into using affirmations although I know some of my friends and favourite bloggers swear by them. I particularly like your work ones, they feel very relevant to me just now 🙂


  4. Affirmations are definitely something I need to work on. I loved how you explained them in detail as well as gave some ideas for affirmations for different scenarios.


  5. Thank you so much for sharing this post on affirmations. For the past month or so I have committed to reading, repeating, and sharing daily positive affirmations to my readers/followers on socials. It really is a positive way to start off each morning. I feel and see the benefits of it. xo Erica


  6. I love your post! And actually these affirmations are good for every age! 😉 But I have 2 favorites here: ''This pain is temporary. It is trying to teach me something.'' and ''I won't allow people to hurt me.'' What I am doing to motivate and inspire myself – I am writing affirmations on my mirror. It's the first and the last thing that I see every day before going sleep and after waking up. It's a place where I spend a lot of time and can think about things that are important in my life!


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