Do You Hate Mondays? 10 Ways to Beat Monday Blues

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One of the many signs that tell when a person is demotivated or has lost passion with his work is how he acts and behaves himself toward Monday. People come to work tired and unenthusiastic because they feel unappreciated. They don’t like the work environment they’re in because their potential is limited. It could also be that their needs aren’t well taken cared of by the company. 

A lot of us don’t look forward to Monday for numerous reasons but mostly because of internal struggles that string from fear. 
Unless you’re the one in their shoes, you can’t blame them. If you dread the sound of Monday, you’re probably like almost everybody in this world. Monday blues refer to the negative emotions, mostly depressing feelings, that are tied with a Monday.

When Monday comes, you feel anxious and frantic about the workload pressure that you expect will be on your shoulders.
Picture this: you just got off from the most amazing weekend and you don’t want it to end. But unfortunately, the time goes faster the more you think about it, and every hour just makes you sick to the stomach. Suddenly, your mind goes crazy thinking about all the work you didn’t do over the weekend and now you’re forced to finish them, but this time, on a shorter deadline.

Most of us, many go through this dilemma every week and it all starts on a Monday. T
oday’s fast-paced society has placed an immense burden on our shoulders to work twice as hard and twice as fast. The demand to finish many toiling activities has been going higher, and it’s draining the life out of all of us. For years, we’ve created and participated in this hustle culture where every minute of our lives should be dedicated purely to work, and anything less is considered lazy and inefficient.



Since we were kids, Mondays were usually the start of many life-changing moments in our life — the first day of school, the first day of work, first hospital appointment, holiday schedules, etc. These remarkable moments happen differently in our lives. Some have had happy experiences, and some have none. However we may remember these moments, one thing in common is they all transpired most likely on a Monday.

Now, as we’re in our twenties, we view Monday in the same way, but this time, these first-time moments have become more daunting and challenging. How you perceive Monday is a manifestation of your willpower and determination to your work. It can reflect you don’t love what you’re doing or you’re living a life of someone else’s expectations.

We hate Mondays because, for some of us, it’s the start of another work to do the job that we hate. It’s the underlying burden that you’ve been keeping since forever. Every Monday is an obnoxious reminder of that feeling. Your self-loathing is linked to this day of the week, and that’s why you tend to procrastinate and don’t even bother to do well because you don’t care.

And because of our disinterest in our work, we spend our weekends doing what we truly love, and see Monday as the taker of those fun-filled days. Every Monday, our time is constrained, plans are canceled, and the rest is shortened.




A bad start to the week doesn’t necessarily turn the rest of the week as bad. However, it’s a possibility that the anger and negativity in your heart will be passed on to the succeeding days unless you find ways to relieve that stress. There are several ways to reprogram your mind into appreciating Mondays rather than resenting them.

One way is to think of Monday as a clean slate, an arbitrary fresh start to a new adventure.
Mondays are new beginnings, opportunities that must be seized to plant seeds for your career. Every week is different, so throw away the grudge you have against Mondays because you might just be surprised. Remember that you’re in control of your life no matter the odds.

You have the absolute power to turn your life around by being ambitious and practical at the same time. You may not exactly love your job but if it pays the bills and puts food on the table, it’s a terrible idea to quit just because you’re not passionate about it.






Not having enough rest can have a huge impact on your mood on a Monday morning. If you don’t keep a regular sleeping schedule, your body will more likely be unable to function efficiently and productively at work. Having less sleep makes you feel cranky and unmotivated to do anything because you lack the physical and mental strength to do even simple tasks.

As much as possible, don’t disrupt your sleep cycle so you should practice healthy night habits to optimize the quality of sleep.
You don’t have to follow a specific sleeping routine but it’s vital not to shock your body by instantaneously messing up your body clock.

Make sure to sleep early the night before and avoid using your phone in bed. As soon as you wake up, making your bed should be the first thing you do in the morning after saying a short prayer. Don’t underestimate the sense of accomplishment you get just by making your bed. 




To boost your mood instantly, you need to acknowledge the control you have over your thoughts and behavior. Make it a habit to visualize your best self on a Monday morning and integrate this idea into your mind through saying affirmations. It’s important to actively find ways to increase your positive energy and vibe.

Once you accept the responsibility for the power you hold over your mind, you become vigilant on what you expose yourself to and how you respond to hate around you.
You become responsive in protecting your mental health against ideas or scenarios that take away your peace of mind, and this will positively affect your behavior.

To get you feeling excited for Monday, you can exude positivity by playing some upbeat music. You can also listen to motivational podcasts while on the way to work. Adapt the initiative to create an optimistic environment around you to perceive life with a grateful heart. 




On a deeper level, you need to develop a habit of introspection on Sunday night. If you feel negative emotions or feelings of laziness related to the start of the week, the smart thing to do would be to identify the problem or reason that may be causing these sad feelings. Take note of the signs and the changes in your behavior when something reminds you of Monday.

Feelings of disinterest, and in most cases, anxiety, arises when you’re not happy or passionate about school or your job. Why else would you anticipate the overwhelming amount of stress if you loved what you’re doing? When you acknowledge your discomfort and worry that’s tied with your work, you force yourself to confront your deepest fears and your purpose in life. 




It’s important to consider what you do on the weekends. Avoid overscheduling your plans by not saying yes to everything. Be cautious with how you behave on the weekends because whatever happens may affect your performance and productivity on the weekdays. Remember that weekends aren’t only for leisure but also for your mind to regain serenity from the stress.

This is why it’s also important not to do anything too crazy over the weekend that can make you too tired and weak to welcome Monday with open arms. Be responsible and smart with how you perceive fun and with whom you think you would have the most fun. Your commitments do not care how much fun you had over the weekend and will most certainly cut ties with you if you do not do your part. 




As much as possible, avoid people who are likely to rain on your parade. Steer clear from anybody who’s fond of spreading gossip or drama to the group. Stay away from those who love to spread their fears and mediocrity onto you. When someone lets you watch an upsetting video, it’s better not to watch it on an early Monday morning.

Anything you see, read, and hear can affect your overall mood and energy during the day. It’s so important to keep yourself guarded against the word of mouth or media that may trigger your thoughts and feelings to fall down the rabbit hole. You don’t need the negativity and anxious thoughts to sabotage the entire week. 




It’s okay to do a little work on the weekends but try not to overwork to the point of draining yourself. You have five days to hustle and work your daily routine, so leave the weekends for leisure and enjoyment. Recharging on the weekends may involve attending to prior commitments or bonding with your family and loved ones. You can also go back to a new hobby that you recently started or maybe find time to reflect on how the past week was for you.

It’s essential to prepare your body and state of mind for the next week by not indulging in pressure and activities that require much brainpower. Your mind is set to work mode for five whole days, so it’s important to remedy the stress by giving it at least two days to rest. 




Most people hate Mondays because they don’t want to deal with the uncertainty that comes with a brand new week. They perceive Monday as the door that opens to a series of terrible, exhausting days. This is most probably because they don’t list down the goals they want to achieve by the end of the week. Setting weekly goals helps you become in control of how you want your day to go.

Your work is managed efficiently according to the schedule so that productive results are expected. Moreover, by breaking down your goals in five days, you will have a clearer vision of what you want to accomplish which means your behaviors, attitudes, and priorities would be straightened out according to your goals. 




Monday can be as exciting as Friday if you treat it like one. Eradicate the notion in your head that indicates Monday is “all work, no fun” by planning something exciting that you will surely look forward to. Although Mondays can be so stressful as many arduous tasks pile up on your desk, you can always relieve that stress by finishing the hardest ones first to keep the rest of your schedule light.

Then when the load starts to feel not so heavy, you can plan out something fun with your friends and family outside work. Something exciting can be as simple as anticipating eating your favorite food. After you get a full stomach, you’d be happy for the rest of the day. Being reminded of the good time you’re going to have with your loved ones without having any work in mind can keep you motivated to maintain that energy until the end of the day. 




One effective way to get you through Monday is to reward yourself at the end of the day. Whether it’s dining at your favorite restaurant with your friends and family or joining an interactive class on a hobby you’re interested in, treat yourself to a job well done.

Doing the things that make you happy and feel at peace is a great advantage to be reminded of on a tough day. Don’t deprive yourself of enjoying some of your guilty pleasures if it helps you get by. It’s a simple way to do something good for yourself while keeping the positive vibe alive for the next Monday to come. 




To get rid of Monday anxiety, you need to make sure to at least know what to expect. This can be achieved through thorough planning for the week. With a comprehensive plan, you will have your priorities in check and time managed efficiently. You also need to give your best shot on the first day of the week to set the right example. When your good habits are aligned, do your best to be consistent with them.

Not only will you get a lot of work done, but you will also feel good about every accomplishment you take. This will slowly rewire your deep hate towards Monday because you’ve reclaimed the power it holds from you. Remember your purpose. Remember what you’re fighting for and whom you’re doing this for. If you no longer feel the drive that used to fuel you every morning, then realign it back.




The truth is, it’s not Mondays, per se, you hate, it’s the constant reminder of facing the crushing reality of your misery. The resentment you feel in yourself is manifested through these Monday blues. People hating Monday reflects their state of mind. To combat these negative feelings, you need to change your outlook in life, starting on your job.

Keep in mind that so many people are either unable or deprived of looking for employment, and they would do anything to get the job that you have. Remember to be grateful for what you have and not to take your source of livelihood for granted.
You have the power to create a driving force that will remind you of your worth and purpose.

This driving force may be in the forms of monetary incentive, pep talk, leisure, edible consolation, etc. Although this driving force may be fickle, with proper nurturing, it can further challenge you to be motivated for the bigger and rightful reasons, not for the superficial ones. The struggle is not to run out of driving force, it’s the determination to keep fostering and nurturing that driving force every day. 



“Hard work is painful when life is devoid of purpose. But when you live for something greater than yourself and the gratification of your own ego, then hard work becomes a labor of love.”

Steve Pavlina

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