170+ Original Slogans About Having A Healthy Lifestyle

Photo by John Arano from Unsplash

Here is a list of 170+ creative slogans I wrote about describing a healthy lifestyle. They are conveniently categorized according to different, relevant aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

This list is free to use and consume by students, health and fitness coaches, bloggers/vloggers, artists, businesses, and basically anyone who finds inspiration from these slogans. However, I would very much appreciate it if you would cite me as your source should you wish to publish it.

Inspiring quotes and slogans about describing or having a healthy lifestyle are crucial for sparking motivation to change someone’s life. Slogans are effective ways to convey a message about a company or an organization’s product or service and also their mission. For commercial and business-related purposes, these health awareness slogans have a concise, direct, and personal that not only captures the audience’s attention but also gets them thinking. When you succeed in planting a mental image of a memory or a vision in their head, congratulations, you brought in a potential customer. 





1. “Glowing with a healthy body”  


2. “It starts with good hygiene.” 


3. “Here’s to a healthier lifestyle.” 


4. “Less Toxin, More Dancin'” 


5. “Don’t wait till your thirsty before you drink.”


6. “Engage in sports, not in vices.” 


7. “Run. Rest. Repeat.”


8. “One step towards health and wellness.”


9. “Sleeping late is for the weak.” 


10. “Your body is an art.”


11. “Stretch to ease the stress.” 


12. “Take it easy. Unless it’s your health.”


13. “Exercise till it hurts no more.” 


14. “You glow when you’re healthy.”


15. “Love your body. It’s the only one you’ve got.”


16. “Lift weights like it’s paper.” 


17. “Sweat represents my commitment.” 


18. “Stretch the fear out of your abdomen.” 


19. “Every day is a great day to walk.”


20. “Move it or you will be.” 


21. “Lose the weight on your terms.”


22. “Body transformation is the new goal.” 


23. “Get out. Explore.”


24. “Burn fat like you mean it.” 


25. “Lift weights like a smile.”


26. “Listen to your body.” 


27. “Get in shape ’cause it’s cool.” 


28. “Dream for health & fitness.” 


29. “Don’t abuse something you can’t have back.” 


30. “You don’t need a gym. You need persistence.” 


31. “Your body is a superhero.”



32. “Shake off the stress.”


33. “Declutter your mind.” 


34. “Indulge in protecting your inner peace.”


35. “You bloom when you’re nurtured.”


36. “Smile. There are so many reasons to.” 


37. “Manifest a healthy future.” 


38. “Maybe the health is yet to come.” 


39. “Happiness starts from good health.” 


40. “A healthy well-being is all that matters.” 


41. “Attract positive vibes.”


42. “A toast to genuine positivity.” 


43. “Toast to a healthy future!”


44. “The dream is to thrive, not just survive.” 


45. “Establish a healthy relationship with your body.”


46. “You are blessed. Be grateful.”


47. “High hopes with my fitness goals” 


48. “Affirm yourself of your value.” 


49. “Discipline lets you win.” 


50. “A healthy body is rewarded with loyalty.” 


51. “The healthy always wins.” 


52. “Healthy lifestyle, healthy choice”


53. “You have heart.” 


54. “You are stronger than your illness.” 


55. “Attract a peaceful lifestyle.” 


56. “Health is a state of mind.” 


57. “Self-awareness is the key.” 


58. “Keep your mind in the game.”


59. “Be grateful you’re alive.” 


60. “Plant flowers, not fear.” 


61. “Let go of what you can’t control.”


62. “You have one life.”


63. “Liberate your worries.” 


64. “Oozing with happiness”



65. “Choose someone who runs a mile with you.” 


66. “Anything healthy counts as a date night.” 


67. “Leave where you don’t feel belonged.” 


68. “Enjoy life, but with limits.” 


69. “Embrace youth.” 


70. “Eat with the right company.” 


71. “A family that eats healthy together, lives longer.” 


72. “A true friend helps you stay fit.” 


73. “Cheers to friends that make you laugh.”


74. “Stay away from negative energy.” 


75. “Healthy people, happy people.”


76. “Be mindful of whom you let in.”


77. “Romance stays longer when you stay fit together.” 


78. “Who says annual check-ups aren’t romantic?” 


79. “If they don’t keep you healthy, they gotta go.” 


80. “If it’s fun, then why do you suffer in the morning?”


81. “Make the right choice.”


82. “Alcohol does not define your youth.” 


83. “Run alongside the right ones.”


84. “Stay where you are loved.” 


85. “You don’t have to be friends with everybody.” 


86. “Inner peace is vital.” 


87. “Heal your mind with yoga.” 


88. “No time for arguing with close-minded people.”



89. “Thriving on good habits” 


90. “Clean because you care.” 


91. “Include discipline in the routine” 


92. “Just hit pause.” 


93. “It’s okay to break from a routine and start over.” 


94. “Go to bed. You don’t have to stay up.”


95. “Stay focused on your lane.” 


96. “Healthy habits are all it takes.” 


97. “No success is more valuable than your health.” 


98. “Be aligned with your goals.” 


99. “A healthy lifestyle takes intention.”


100. “You succeed when you prioritize health.”


101. “Social media detox is a must.”  


102. “A prosperous life comes to healthy people.” 


103. “Soar like you were meant to.”


104. “Be proud of your progress.” 


105. “Relax. Ease your worries.”


106. “Stop being a couch potato.”


107. “Don’t you dare give up on the hustle.” 


108. “It’s a shame to waste a good day.” 


109. “Success is wellness.” 


110. “If it compromises your health, it’s not worth it.” 


111. “Where the first priority is yourself.” 


112. “Meditation is the new sexy.”


113. “Self-care is not for the rich.” 


114. “Quit the toxic habits.” 


115. “There’s no shame in resting.”


116. “Grit will take you places.”


117. “Being overworked does not make you successful.”



118. “A clean environment pours out fresh ideas.” 


119. “Minimalism is the new thing.” 


120. “Comfort before style” 


121. “That wrapper can fit your pocket.”


122. “How you feel when you wake up matters.” 


123. “Organize for fun.” 


124. “It’s embarrassing to leave the table uncleaned.” 


125. “Don’t litter just because you can.” 


126. “May you go where you belong.” 


127. “Where you live is how you live.” 


128. “Donate what you don’t need.” 


129. “A clean home is a clear headspace.” 


130. “You outgrow some things.”



131. “Say no to junk men and junk food.”


132. “What you eat is what you do.” 


133. “Long live to green living.” 


134. “Eat smart and get a star.”


135. “Healthy meals for a productive day.” 


136. “Cry for a healthy diet.” 


137. “Nutritious food keeps me alert.” 


138. “All you want is a balanced diet meal.”


139. “Eating fruits make me shine.” 


140. “The pretty ones eat healthy food.”


141. “Prosper with apples in each of your pockets.” 


142. “Eat greens to achieve your dreams.” 


143. “One banana a day to release it away.” 


144. “Cigarettes are for cowards.” 


145. “Just not too much.”


146. “Be careful what you consume.” 


147. “Drink water like you put on lipstick.” 


148. “Be picky with what you eat.” 


149. “Grease has no place in the diet.” 


150. “Everything, in moderation.” 


151. “Vitamins over chocolates” 


152. “More greens, more riches”


153. “Even a superhero leaves no veggie behind.” 


154. “Harmony with broccoli” 


155. “Before you conquer the world, eat a good meal.” 


156. “Invest in your health, invest in your future.”



157. “Flourish and glow on the inside” 


158. “Love. Care. Wellness.” 


159. “A wealthy well-being” 


160. “Outer beauty reflects on what you feel inside.”


161. “Nobody likes a worrier.” 


162.”You don’t have to be angry all the time.” 


163. “Less drama, more peace” 


164. “Have the heart to care.” 


165. “Smile it away.” 


166. “Keep your emotions in check.” 


167. “How you feel, matters.” 


168. “Lose the attitude. Strive for fitness.” 


169. “Laughter is forever.”


170. “Speak up about your feelings.” 


171. “Immerse in the youthful glow” 


172. “Your beaming smile is the new attraction.” 


173. “Nourish your soul with good music.”



Overall, a healthy person is someone with a well-balanced lifestyle. Having the awareness and willpower to eat a balanced diet meal, exercise regularly, and reduce stress levels are only a few of the numerous factors to consider when living a healthy lifestyle. We need to constantly be mindful of the benefits and consequences of every action we take, starting from something as simple as what to have for breakfast to choosing a business industry to work in. 


The groundwork for all happiness is good health.”

Leigh Hunt

Published by Monique Renegado

Monique started Life Begins At Twenty as a 20-year-old college student from the Philippines. In her lifestyle and wellness blog, she shares first-hand experiences and soulful advice about student life, relationships, mental health, adulting, and self-growth. Monique is passionate about literature, music, public speaking, and family. Besides studying and blogging full-time, she strives hard to become a published author with her first YA fiction novel and poems. Monique is the older sister you wish you had to help you navigate your twenties successfully. If you want a constant drive for motivation and pep talks, be a part of her journey.

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