200+ Original Self-love, Self-worth Captions for Instagram

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Unsplash

Each one of us needs to learn the language of loving ourselves. Figuring out our personalities is already hard enough, much less with other people. This is why showing love to ourselves, in whatever way it may be, must be an active, conscious, and continuous effort. Giving love requires respect and understanding towards bettering our welfare, which involves building healthy, effective habits and practicing them regularly.

These self-love quotes may serve as our reminders to not abandon our sense of self-worth. In today’s day and age, people are quick to trade off their dignity in exchange for hollow niceties and praises from strangers. They choose to sell their souls and compromise their individuality to gain whatever it is they find lacking within them. There goes self-respect and basic human decency down the drain.

As they say, love yourself first and everything else will fall into place. Through the journey of authentic introspection, you can love yourself with honesty and acceptance of who you are. After all, how can you love anyone else when you can’t even love yourself? How can you change other people’s lives if your heart is completely devoid of devotion and purpose?

Some of these quotes may be considered cliches but that’s exactly what makes them effective and catchy. People have heard them a million times already yet these are still nothing short of a boost of esteem. Reading these quotes can be a source of self-assurance, and this is where we get the ability to show compassion, empathy, and forgiveness to ourselves and other people around us. The more we expose our minds to this level of positivity, the more our beliefs would be strengthened.

It’s safe to say these self-love quotes can change the way we speak to ourselves and view the world. Know that the very core of our confidence comes from the innate love we have for ourselves. It drives our desire to dream, connect with other people, and make a difference in this world. It is the source that provides the attitude, disposition, and skill to show love to others. You can choose to read them out loud when facing the mirror like an early morning mantra or send them over to a couple of friends who need the extra motivation.

Either way, show yourself and your loved ones some appreciation through 200+ original self-love quotes and captions. For some of them, reading these statements is exactly what they need to get out of a rut and find meaning in life again. These self-love, self-growth captions and quotes come in quite handy when you need a quick, short caption for your Instagram post or story. They’re short and meaningful—perfect for the ideal caption to send a direct and impactful message.

Here are 200+ captions about self-love, self-care, and self-growth you can use on your Instagram posts and stories.

  1. “My worth is not measured by your lack of appreciation.”
  2. “I don’t need you to love me to be complete.”
  3. “I am loved and worthy as the stars.”
  4. “Love yourself, because you can’t count on anybody else.”
  5. “I am beautiful just the way I am.”
  6. “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.”
  7. “You can never bring me down unless I let you.”
  8. “Vulnerability is the purest form of self-love.”
  9. “I deserve the kind of love I generously give to everyone.”
  10. “She glows like the sun, the moment she sees her worth.”
  11. “I used to hate myself for being human, but now I celebrate it.”
  12. “Loving myself means taking time to heal.”
  13. “You can’t break me. I am invincible.”
  14. “My mistakes never define me.”
  15. “She creates magic by the way she moves.”
  16. “To love yourself is to invest in your future.”
  17. “I am built to climb the highest mountains.”
  18. “I am full of light and hope.”
  19. “I have fallen on my knees, but now I rise.”
  20. “Self-love is not selfish. It is the start of a fruitful community.”
  21. “My growth is my number one priority.”
  22. “I own my wounds. I love my scars.”
  23. “There are days when I’m weak. And there are days when I get tired. But there’s not a day when I’m untrue.”
  24. “Cut off people who don’t deserve to see you win.”
  25. “Focus on yourself and see people treat you better.”
  26. “I thrive more when you put dirt on my skin.”
  27. “Loving yourself wholly is the key to everlasting happiness.”
  28. “You don’t have to prove to anyone you are happy just to show how you feel.”
  29. “I am not ashamed of my past.”
  30. “She is true in everything she does.”
  31. “I know exactly where I stand.”
  32. “A woman who loves everyone but herself is a woman who is lost.”
  33. “I set boundaries without feeling an ounce of guilt.”
  34. “You are more than enough for people who love you for who you are.”
  35. “I forgive the people who hurt me because I deserve it.”
  36. “Get out of your comfort zone. It’s a trap.”
  37. “Wear a smile even in your darkest days.”
  38. “The ability to love is first shown to yourself.”
  39. “I express my love to myself by tolerating zero bullshit.”
  40. “Leave where you are not loved.”
  41. “I am in the process of loving myself every day.”
  42. “Make happiness an everyday goal.”
  43. “Invest in yourself and see the magic happen.”
  44. “To love yourself is to accept what you are.”
  45. “One shines when one is contented.”
  46. “View life with contentment and you will bloom.”
  47. “Self-growth starts with not backing away from the struggle.”
  48. “Before finding love from others, find it in yourself.”
  49. “Pain is necessary to thrive.”
  50. “I show off my scars because I own them.”
  51. “You are not born to be loved by everyone.”
  52. “Being original is the best fashion statement.”
  53. “I’d rather be alone than force myself to be liked.”
  54. “I am born this way. There’s no changing me.”
  55. “There is no shame in admitting faults.”
  56. “Be careful what you tell yourself when you feel down.”
  57. “You need to crawl and bleed first before you get to places.”
  58. “Whoever said loving yourself is selfish does not love himself enough.”
  59. “Spread goodness out of the love you have for yourself.”
  60. “I am wonderful. I am creative. I am real.”
  61. “Bravery suits me more than cowardice.”
  62. “Don’t waste your time doubting your potential.”
  63. “Loving your own skin is what others can only dream of doing.”
  64. “You can change your look from time to time but never who you are inside.”
  65. “Your dreams don’t matter if you don’t believe you can reach them.”
  66. “Don’t punish yourself for things you can’t already change.”
  67. “People talk shit behind your back, and the best way to get back at them is to let them.”
  68. “Confidence will always be sexy and attractive.”
  69. “Cherish your self-value before people can take it away.”
  70. “I am strong for making it this far.”
  71. “Having trustworthy friends is a treasure I keep.”
  72. “Never give up on your dreams, darling. They are dreams for a reason.”
  73. “Love yourself the hardest on your worst days.”
  74. “I am valuable regardless of anyone else’s input.”
  75. “My mistakes do not define whom I am destined to become.”
  76. “Protect your heart. No one can hurt it more than you can.”
  77. “The first step to achieving any dream is changing the way you think.”
  78. “I am a strong woman who knows when it’s time to accept defeat.”
  79. “Loving myself is a war I intend to win every time.”
  80. “Doubt is poison. I don’t go anywhere near it.”
  81. “Be honest with me even if it hurts.”
  82. “The first step to loving yourself is accepting you’re not perfect.”
  83. “I promise to be myself even after making all my ambitions come to life.”
  84. “My flaws are the hardest to love but the most fulfilling.”
  85. “Your life gets better with a nurtured soul.”
  86. “May all of my regrets turn into life-changing testimonies.”
  87. “I’d rather lose everything than lose myself.”
  88. “Never accept a love that’s less than what you deserve.”
  89. Protect your self-worth over any earthly success.”
  90. “Your blessings outnumber your disappointments when you learn to count them.”
  91. “Forgiving someone who hurt you is pure love in itself.”
  92. “Be patient enough to see yourself bloom the way it’s supposed to.”
  93. “I work so hard to build a great life for myself.”
  94. “Giving yourself a break is a form of self-care.”
  95. “You can only be yourself today and till the rest of time.”
  96. “She carries the world with ease and confidence.”
  97. “You know you’ve lived a good life when you’ve been real from the very beginning.”
  98. “Do things that make you crave your life even more.”
  99. “Love yourself enough to leave when all they do is walk over you.”
  100. “Be kind to yourself by not forcing yourself to fit in.”
  101. “Appreciate yourself for seeing the good in other people.”
  102. “Set boundaries. You can’t always be different people around different people.”
  103. “I don’t need anybody else to tell me I’m worthy.”
  104. “What you see is what you get. I won’t pretend to be somebody I’m not.”
  105. “Celebrate your victories. No one else has seen the struggle you endured to win.”
  106. “If you don’t love yourself first, you can’t accept love from anybody else.”
  107. “Sometimes, loving yourself means letting go of people who make you feel less.”
  108. “Your success lies on the belief that you deserve it.”
  109. “Too many people wander the world without a soul. Don’t be one of them.”
  110. “Unconditional love takes unconditional forgiveness.”
  111. “My flaws are not for your entertainment.”
  112. “One of the greatest life lessons is not to depend on anyone to save you.”
  113. “Miserable people love everyone but themselves.”
  114. “Your life is never defined by the mistakes you once made.”
  115. “Once you recognize your power, there’s no stopping you.”
  116. “Those around you influence the way you view yourself.”
  117. “Show up and be bold. Make every single day count.”
  118. “You read me wrong. I don’t give up just like that.”
  119. “The worst thing you can do to yourself is to allow people to consume you.”
  120. “What is life worth if you despise yourself?”
  121. “The greatest power is the ability to forgive yourself.”
  122. “I can do whatever I set my mind to.”
  123. “My worth is of value even if others fail to see it.”
  124. “Until you truly love yourself, you will never live.”
  125. “When you’re good to others, your love for yourself grows abundant.”
  126. “Stay who you are. The world is full of imitators.”
  127. “Peace of mind over any societal validation.”
  128. “The only person who’s going to stick by your side is yourself.”
  129. “Self-acceptance is the key to a happier heart.”
  130. “Having some time alone leads to self-discovery.”
  131. “Everything you do makes a difference in this world, no matter how small.”
  132. “Comfort zones are for those who don’t want to grow.”
  133. “The first step to healing is acceptance of imperfection.”
  134. “Honesty paves the way to genuine love.”
  135. “I choose me first. I got no regrets.”
  136. “When you love yourself wholly, you love the ugly parts too.”
  137. “Treat yourself as a priority and everyone else will, too.”
  138. “I’ve loved myself enough to brace through the storms.”
  139. “Make prayer a part of your self-care routine.”
  140. “Taking care of myself isn’t as hard as I thought.”
  141. “The love you give to yourself must never be inadequate.”
  142. “Choose to embrace your insecurities, and soon, you won’t have any.”
  143. “Be your own ray of sunshine during the rainy days.”
  144. “I don’t aim to be perfect. I aim to be true.”
  145. “The worst kind of betrayal is the betrayal of oneself.”
  146. “We all grow by allowing ourselves to hurt the first few thousand times.”
  147. “Show the world you can endure pain and still be pretty at the same time.”
  148. “You grow when you learn to bleed and still walk.”
  149. “You don’t have to copy someone else’s definition of perfection.”
  150. “When you have faith in your abilities, you don’t need to worry about a thing.”
  151. “Love every ounce of yourself and you will never feel incomplete.”
  152. “You may find it difficult to love yourself at times, and that’s okay.”
  153. “Just because they see you as any less doesn’t mean you should believe them.”
  154. “Seasons will change but you only have yourself to go through it all.”
  155. “Be understanding to the person who’s trying to be better every day. Be kind to yourself.”
  156. “Misery draws closer when it’s all you think about.”
  157. “It takes a lot of time to understand the complexities of one’s personality.”
  158. “Never let anyone talk you down on your dreams.”
  159. “Surround yourself with people who love you as much as you love them.”
  160. “Genuine confidence starts with loving yourself truly.”
  161. “The best expression of self-love is giving back to others.”
  162. “I don’t need a thick wallet to love myself.”
  163. “Don’t worry if your dreams scare you. Chase them afraid.”
  164. “Every day is an opportunity to love yourself a little more.”
  165. “It takes less effort to be true than to pretend to be someone you’re not.”
  166. “I am my number one fan. I am my support system.”
  167. “Don’t just speak words. Bring your plans and promises to life.”
  168. “The road to success may be rocky but is never impossible.”
  169. “It gives me so much power to be in control of my life.”
  170. “If something makes you confident, you should do it more often.”
  171. “As long as you believe you’re meant for greater things, you won’t fall that easily.”
  172. “The consequences of my actions may be great, but I am not its prisoner.”
  173. “I protect my peace at any cost.”
  174. “Keep devoting to your growth. Keep on loving yourself.”
  175. “All the things that don’t kill me keep me stronger.”
  176. “You find peace by accepting the horrors of your past and allowing it to transform you beautifully.”
  177. “One way to love ourselves is to help others without expecting something in return.”
  178. “Take time to heal and find yourself.”
  179. “For all the struggles you faced, wear them like a war wound.”
  180. “You don’t need the approval of the rest of the world to be someone in this world.”
  181. “It’s okay not to know what the next step is.”
  182. “You’re allowed to be gentle with yourself when you’re in the wrong.”
  183. “Don’t be too quick to judge yourself for the things you don’t know yet.”
  184. “When you value yourself, you don’t need to convince others to do the same.”
  185. “I sacrificed a lot to bring back this smile on my face.”
  186. “Loving yourself is a daunting, complicated process towards inner freedom.”
  187. “Never let your fears and insecurities hold you back from doing what you want.”
  188. “I find it brave when people fully embrace their flaws.”
  189. “We don’t have to justify our choices to anybody.”
  190. “A better life always starts with a positive disposition.”
  191. “The goal is to leave people who don’t bring quality to my life.”
  192. “If my dreams are too small for you, don’t come celebrating with me.”
  193. “When you love yourself, love without any reservations.”
  194. “You don’t need anyone’s permission to spoil yourself once in a while.”
  195. “Never underestimate the things you can change with self-love and compassion.”
  196. “The only time self-love is selfish is when you refuse to share it with other people.”
  197. “As long as you carry the people who weigh you down, you can never fly.”
  198. “May I be ambitious enough to dream the impossible and humble enough to accept what I deserve.”
  199. “Never rely your happiness on somebody else. That is your job.”
  200. “The most basic component of self-love is the acknowledgment that you are more than just skin and bone.”
  201. “You teach people how to love you by showing them how you love yourself.”
  202. “Believe me, no one else is contemplating more about your faults than yourself.”
  203. “My imperfections don’t make me less of an individual. They make me real.”
  204. “Loving oneself must be unconditional. Otherwise, it is not genuine love.”
  205. “Try to give yourself more credit. You don’t know whose lives you’ve changed.”
  206. “If the only thing you do is criticize yourself for your mistakes, you will never escape from your misery.”
  207. “You can’t keep asking from others the love that you deny with yourself.”
  208. “The best version of you comes out when you water and flourish it with love.”
  209. “Make room for mistakes in your heart.”
  210. “Never allow anyone to dim your light. You might lose your way.”
  211. “How you love yourself speaks grace and class.”

Out of the 200+ self-love captions, pick out your favorite ones and see which among these you resonate with the most.

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