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Monique started Life Begins At Twenty as a 20-year-old college student from the Philippines. In her lifestyle and wellness blog, she shares first-hand experiences and soulful advice about student life, relationships, mental health, adulting, and self-growth. Monique is passionate about literature, storytelling, music, public speaking, and family. Besides studying and blogging full-time, she strives hard to become a published author with her first YA fiction novel and a collection of poems.

Monique is the older sister you wish you had to help you navigate your twenties successfully. If you want a constant drive for motivation and pep talks, be a part of her journey.

My Latest Out-of-the-Country Escapade

Discover Bangkok, Thailand with me!

The Buddha Mountain, Pattaya

Wat Arun, Bangkok

Wat Pho, Bangkok

Life Begins at 20

The Place Where Your 20s Makes Sense

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