10 Negative Thoughts You Have To Get Rid Of

Negative thoughts come from a place of self-pity and insecurity inside us,¬†because who wants to be remembered as someone who failed right? Nobody would want that, especially in your twenties. We’re pressured to excel and never to fail because if you will, you’re branded as a failure for life. When making choices, we’re taught to always choose the least dangerous one, the least risky one, or the choice that so far guarantees our desired results.

15 Things I've Learned In High School The Hard Way

If I could sum up my high school experience, it’s basically innocent me finding my way through a dark jungle filled with animals. I made tons of mistakes, mixed up with tons of drama, and heard tons of sermons. If I had a dollar every time my words get twisted and misinterpreted, I’d be the richest person on the planet.

What You'll Love About Babysitting Your Nieces and Nephews

Babysitting can be a tedious task, even when it’s your own niece or nephew. Infants and toddlers demand so much attention and affection even for the smallest things. It requires skills, discipline, and management. It’s not easy to feed one and make sure the other doesn’t fall from the bed while there’s something cooking something in the stove. Children get super playful when being surrounded by other kids their age, and things can get out of hand in a second.¬†If only you could cut your body in halves.